Wednesday, January 13, 2010


We're an established team in the Philadelphia area that plays in a 25+ Sunday doubleheader wood bat league during the spring/summer. We have a solid group of guys that have been together for years, but need to add a few for the upcoming season.

Competition level is good - if you played well in High School varsity, you'll do fine in the league. There are a lot of college ballplayers in the league also. Our team has consistently been very competitive in the league.

Games are played on good fields all around Philly on Sundays only. Player fees for the league are $200 which covers the fields and umpires. Players are also responsible for bats and uniform (except for jersey which is team-provided).

If interested, E-mail us your age, recent playing history, position(s) and anything else you want to add. Respond to our craiglist ad here.