Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Red Sox Repeat Falls Short

After weeks of rainouts and re-scheduled games, the Red Sox finally took the field for their semi-final playoff matchup against the Colt 45's. To make up for lost time, the best-of-three series was shortened to one game this past Sunday at Hartford Crossing Field. The Colt 45's sent 2011 GPMABL Cy Young Award winner Ian Downes to the mound, while the Sox countered with the 2010 Cy Young, Eric Guise.

The Red Sox could only muster two unearned runs against the Colt's ace, and lost 6-2.  Although the quest for a repeat championship came to an abrupt end, the Red Sox still enjoyed a visit from their #1 fan, Aidan Peterson.  Aidan is the son of former Red Sox teammate Don Peterson who passed away four years ago.  Thanks Aidan's mother, Amy, for the picture!